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Newbold is a great institution. We do not just learn English, we make friends and we also have a lot of trips. Our teachers are fantastic and very friendly, I’m very thankful that I’m here!

Newbold has been accredited by the British Council for 11 years. The inspection comes every 4 years. Last week, the inspectors from the British Council visited Newbold. They came and inspected everything, accommodation, the cafeteria, our classrooms, teachers, their teaching etc. They said everything was good or even very good! And they were surprised that there are so many things for students here: Like school trips, floorball, the Experience student worship and so on. The teachers also care about the students a lot. I think the overall inspection report will be great and I totally agree with their opinion.

All of the Newbold students are really lovely, kind and passionate. I’m very glad to be here and I’m really excited about the rest of my days in Newbold.

 By Claire Kyungmi Kim, South Korea


The Auction

These words come to you from my very thoughts, but are delivered to you by my personal assistant. 

This week has been a breath of fresh air. I have been waited upon, served and serenaded to, and have yet to receive a home cooked meal and a car wash. I have to say: This. Is. The life. As Halstyn (The Auctioneer) struggled to lift the weight of the hammer to finalise my bidding, the total figure to settle was £17,20. 

This week I have had my students contacted, personal traffic updates while on the road, research done for my sermons, receipts totted-up and computerised in a very nifty spreadsheet, my shopping done, bank affairs dealt with, doors opened for me, and blogs typed. All this for only £3.50, and I can assure you that my P.A. was worth every penny. And at no extra cost it was all done with a smile. (sometimes). Some have termed me a task-master or a slave-driver but I prefer to use the term: ‘Skilled manager’. 
Beschrijving: :P

For £6.00, I have had a personal soundtrack to my life, at every available juncture in my busy schedule and to top it off, I even got a solo rendition by a special guest. 
I picked out two of the best services that were available to me this week, and I have to say: ‘I take my hat off to these girls.’ (If I had a hat, that is …lol) And as Friday comes to a close, I sadly have to release the reigns of power on these lovely women, who have worked so hard (some more than others, hehe), bringing much joy and ‘EPIC-ness’ to my life. It has truly been a pleasure utilising these services to the max and I look forward to the next time. 
Desire Lewis: be sure to put me down as a reference for your next employer, because I have nothing but good words to say. 

Rachel Hankins: You were the David to my Saul, playing my life back into sanity. Thank you so much. 
So I leave with you dear readers what I have learnt from this whole experience, which is: No matter what your budget is, there is always a service available to you.

Yours truly,

   By Sam Gungaloo, United Kingdom 

PS. Current vacancies:
Personal Assistant. 
Music Maestro.
Please send your CV for consideration.

Newbold College Spiritual Activities

So far, I find Newbold a fantastic place! It is really a place where you can get to know God. One of the places here at Newbold where I can see clearly that God is working, is just simply in the everyday life. This place is filled with so many wonderful people. Getting to know God is a lifetime experience!

Talking about experiences, we have a gathering with spiritual focus every Thursday evening that is called Experience. The main aim is to give the students different kinds of experiences to get to know our “God” . The Experience is created by students and it is for students. It is actually the spiritual activity on Campus where most people go to! So, if you are nearby any Thursday evening, we would love to see YOU! 

During the week there are a couple of other things you can join in if you want to. You are always welcome to join Bible studies, which are at least every Monday, but I’m sure there are other Bible studies as well. There are a lot of musical activities for those who are musical, choir is only one thing for us musicians to participate in. Worshipping God through music can be done in so many different ways. And for those who are more physical we have J-jog every Tuesday and Friday. J-jog is just a normal jog with friends and with Jesus. Every jog starts and ends with a prayer, just to remind us that God is always with us.

But there are more spiritual activities going on. Every Friday evening we have vespers to welcome the Sabbath. On Saturday we have four different church services. There is an early service for those who like to wake up early. Later on, there is the family service, a contemporary church service for those who like it a bit different compared to the traditional service, and you have what we call JUMP church. JUMP is a student church, run by students for students. JUMP stands for “Jesus Uses Messed up People”. Jesus can use EVERYONE for his mission.

Newbold has a lot to offer when it comes to spiritual activities. I’m sure that if you just give it a chance, you’ll find something you would like to join and participate in. God works in mysterious ways, so it is worth giving it a try!

   By Melissa Myklebust, Norway

The Homeless Experience


The homeless experience: six people getting dumped in the forest, trying to survive with what they could find nearby. We could only bring one set of clothing, a sleeping bag, our Bible and some kind of journal. Things we couldn’t bring with us were mobile phones, IPods, a watch, food, etc. This experience was for the Gap Year students only,  in our group we have two Americans, two Danes, one German and one Dutch girl.

We started by building some shelters to sleep in. These were, of course, first class shelters. They served us well and would still serve us today,  if we had decided to stay. Staying there longer was of course very tempting.

We got a local flood while we were there, that weekend it rained a lot. This wasn’t a real problem, because we had our shelters. It was annoying though to walk all the way to the toilet in the pouring rain and through the wet grass. Because once your feet are wet and cold, they will not easily be warm and dry again.

We had to do low waged jobs to get food. These jobs were very different but all very exciting. The most exciting was probably standing for three hours making paper bags. That is something that gets the adrenaline going. 

In the end it was a very good experience. It taught us a lot about how it is to be homeless. We now have a deeper understanding and can strongly recommend others to do the same.

    By Nicklas Risager, Denmark


Cornwall Retreat #2

From the very beginning everybody was telling me that the retreat to Cornwall is a must-do at Newbold, for every student. That’s why without having any doubts, I paid the required money and waited till the day of the departure.

After a couple of weeks, when the day had come, we left Newbold, and within a few hours we arrived in St Agnes. To be honest I loved the place from the beginning. Beautiful views, being close to nature, it all promised to be a very good weekend. In fact, it was better than that. It was brilliant! One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 

From the beginning we could enjoy ourselves at the lovely beach, close to the place we stayed in and in the late afternoon, after a very nice supper,  we had worship with some interesting activities, followed by ‘Singspiration’. 

On Saturday I had chosen to go for the morning worship at 8 AM on the beach. And I have to admit that I really enjoyed it, not only because it was a good worship, but because of the view, sound and fresh air. All this made you feel very little in comparison to the powerful nature, created by our almighty God. Later on, we had a normal Sabbath sermon with pastor Johnson and lunch. Afterwards, traditionally, we went to the beach, but a bit further north, it was much bigger than the one near the place we stayed. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, after an hour or so it changed. The sun appeared and it stopped raining. You can’t ask for more in England! Some of us, including me, started to build sand castles, sea monsters or some went chilling on blankets, while others tried swimming in the ocean.

The Sabbath evening worship took place on the hill, near the beach, so we had an amazing view on the waves. Afterwards we had a game night. So everyone who wanted, could come and play some games, such as Monopoly, Uno, Table Tennis, etc.

On our last day we went to Tintagel, King Arthur’s castle at the coast. We were able to see more of the Cornish beautiful landscapes. In the local shop I’ve bought some souvenirs, and in a bakery  a lamb mint pastry - it was perfection, the best pastry I have ever eaten! Then in the afternoon we went back to Newbold. 

To sum up this trip, it was simply wonderful. I have explored another, gorgeous part of England. I have grown spiritually and spend quality time with people I already knew, and I made some new friends.  I will probably never forget this retreat, on which I have experienced so much.

   By Jakub Wiśniewski, Poland