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Cornwall Retreat

Sitting next to the ocean watching a sunset, singing praise songs, sharing stories around an open campfire, and laughing late into the night. This may sound like a dream, but in actuality it was Newbold’s annual trip to Cornwall.

This trip almost didn’t happen this year, but thankfully students pulled through last second and we were able to experience an unforgettable weekend. I believe one reason that the trip almost didn’t happen because it was undersold. Even from students who absolutely adored previous Cornwall trips I hear phrases like, “The weather is freezing”, or, “The caravans have really thin walls so youre going to need a lot of layers”, and, “The drive takes FOREVER!”. Well, I am here to set the record straight. Cornwall was absolutely amazing. The drive went by quickly, only taking five hours, the weather was beautiful, the caravans had heaters, and the sun was shining.

These components were part of what made Cornwall a wonderful weekend, but the true impact of the trip is hard to explain. It was a time of worshiping together, of making new friends, sharing talents and personal stories, and creating bonds between people that will last a lifetime.

   By Caitlin Hanson, California

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