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Newbold is a great institution. We do not just learn English, we make friends and we also have a lot of trips. Our teachers are fantastic and very friendly, I’m very thankful that I’m here!

Newbold has been accredited by the British Council for 11 years. The inspection comes every 4 years. Last week, the inspectors from the British Council visited Newbold. They came and inspected everything, accommodation, the cafeteria, our classrooms, teachers, their teaching etc. They said everything was good or even very good! And they were surprised that there are so many things for students here: Like school trips, floorball, the Experience student worship and so on. The teachers also care about the students a lot. I think the overall inspection report will be great and I totally agree with their opinion.

All of the Newbold students are really lovely, kind and passionate. I’m very glad to be here and I’m really excited about the rest of my days in Newbold.

 By Claire Kyungmi Kim, South Korea